Susan L. Carruthers: Victors, Vanquished, and Victims: US Occupation Soldiers in Postwar Europe and Asia, 18 March

Susan L. Carruthers, Professor of History, University of Warwick Co-sponsored by East Asian Studies How do you know you've won a war? What sensations and experiences are bound up with being victorious? Superficially, it might seem that there would be little new to say on this subject. After all, aren't victors the ones empowered to write history? But this cliché ignores the subjectivity of US enlisted men, women, and soldiers of colour, many of whom quickly came to feel that they were victims of an uncaring military establishment and of unfortunate circumstances after…continue reading →

Peace Movements and Democratic Culture in Southern Europe during the 1970s and 1980s

Call for Papers Download The mobilization against the deployment of US Pershing and Cruise Missile atomic warheads in the wake of the NATO Dual Track Solution in 1979 was a watershed moment in the recent political history of Western Europe. The anti-nuclear protests of the late 1970s and 1980s activated civil society, renegotiated the parameters of political participation and redefined the understanding of (international and domestic) security. The contours and implications of the 1980s anti-nuclear protests have been fairly well researched for key western European countries over the past decade. Developments in Southern…continue reading →